As Metro Writers, we have been commissioned to work on a growing number of book projects during the last five years in both digital and print editions. Our involvement runs from ghost writing and editing through to translation, design and digital publishing. Here is a selection of our major projects to date:

Chef Jack Lee – Chef to the Stars

Celebrity chef Jack Lee has made numerous television appearances since becoming a favourite among Hollywood’s A-listers. Metro Writers produced a full-length biography for Lee, as well as articles for print & online publication, a media kit, and a listing on Wikipedia.

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Tran Mai Anh is a well-known Vietnamese figure both as the chief editor of prominent culture magazine Vietnam Heritage, but also for her charity work with child sufferers of genital dismemberment in Vietnam, raising awareness and funding for reconstructive surgery. Our charitable contribution was to edit a translated account of her adopted son’s medical journey following a horrific attack by a wild animal.

Tran Mai Anh COver

Tran Mai Hanh – A War Account 1-2-3-4.75

Award-winning journalist Tran Mai Hanh collected a treasure trove of documents abandoned by the defeated South Vietnamese administration during the final months of the Vietnam War. His fictionalised narrative of their increased disarray during the era has been called one of the most truthful and unbiased accounts of the regime. Metro Writers fully revised and edited the English translation of Tran’s epic volume.

Wei Yang Chao – Red Fire

A staggering insider’s account of the Chinese Cultural Revolution under Mao, former Red Guard Zhao Weiyang’s memoir reveals the inner workings of China’s decade of madness. We translated and edited the first draft of Red Fire, which became an Amazon bestseller on its release in 2016.

Vo Viet Chung

A vanguard fashion designer whose body of work interprets Vietnamese traditional fashion in the modern context, Vo Viet Chung is one of Vietnam’s most successful designers. Metro Writers has written, produced and designed both English and Vietnamese versions of Vo VIet Chung’s extended biography and fashion portfolio (publication pending).

Vu Tu Nam, Thanh Huong – Letters in Love and War

Prominent literary figures Vu Tu Nam and Thanh Huong are veterans of both cultural and military history within Vietnam. The pair fell in love as young soldiers and went on to become leading writers in their maturity. Letters in Love and War publishes their wartime correspondence, offering an intimate insider’s story of the period. Metro translated and published the volume, writing promotional material for the book’s release in collaboration with the couple’s granddaughter, Vietnamese supermodel Vu Nguyen Ha Anh.

Dinh Phong – Call to Witness Interviews

Dinh Phong was the investigative journalist who broke open the story of Kuol Sleng massacre, exposing the brutality of the Khmer Rouge. Metro Writers conducted extensive interviews with Dinh Phong for a prospective English-language account of his story both during and after the war.

Dinh Phong Call to Witness Cover.jpg

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