Hong Kong-based Inside Retail Asia is a B2B news resource for the Asian retail industry. The company is a cornerstone client of Metro Solutions, providing unique, custom content for the three core sites under the IR Asia banner, which collectively attract more than 2.5 million page views annually.  

Metro Solutions’ founder leads a small editorial team sourcing and creating content, including daily emailed newsletters reaching more than 35,000 unique subscribers. With content added daily, the sites now boast an archive of 25,000 stories. We also create a quarterly print magazine edition for the Hong Kong market, and consult on a variety of other one-off publications, events and editorial campaigns.

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Leading South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai’s moves into the autonomous driving industry has seen the establishment of its Mobis division, with operations in Korea, India and Vietnam. Metro has assisted the firm in preparing technical documentation, internal communications, marketing materials and business contracts, ensuring consistency in tone and accuracy in legal intent.


Cmore was a television service for expats living in Vietnam launched in 2014. Metro Solutions was commissioned to design a corporate image and logo for the venture – something bold, catchy and memorable, that stood out from more traditional  television channel logos. Here’s what our team came up with – the logo and its implementation in various uses. Sadly, the venture did not take off, but the design challenge was one we enjoyed!

Tomei Loony Tunes 1

Tomei Jewellery

Listed Malaysian jewellery retailer Tomei Group commissioned Metro Solutions to assist with packaging and promotional designs, such as this limited-edition gift box featuring Warner Bros’ Baby Looney Tunes characters pictured below. Tasks like these involve working closely not only with the client, but with local brand licensing representatives to ensure compliance with strict requirements for the use of its trademarked characters.

Metro Solutions is run by experienced journalists who understand news, copywriting, deadlines, and the importance of reliability and ethics.