FreshOut.Today is a website targeting consumers with an eye for products and services which are new or unique around the world. Prior to designing the website, Metro Solutions was commissioned to create a warm, clean logo of a style befitting a news site.

FreshOut.Today screenshot


Saigon-based gourmet tea exporter Hatvala chose Metro Solutions to update its logo and corporate identity. We also created bilingual storyboards with bold photos and clear branding, for the walls of a new cafe.


Cmore was a television service for expats living in Vietnam launched in 2014. Metro Solutions was commissioned to design a corporate image and logo for the venture – something bold, catchy and memorable, that stood out from more traditional ┬átelevision channel logos. Here’s what our team came up with – the logo and its implementation in various uses. Sadly, the venture did not take off, but the design challenge was one we enjoyed!

Tomei Jewellery

Listed Malaysian jewellery retailer Tomei Group commissioned Metro Solutions to assist with packaging and promotional designs, such as this limited-edition gift box featuring Warner Bros’ Baby Looney Tunes characters pictured below. Tasks like these involve working closely not only with the client, but with local brand licensing representatives to ensure compliance with strict requirements for the use of its trademarked characters.

Tomei Loony Tunes 1

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