Targeted content writing


Every website and social media feed stands in competition with everything else available online. Internet users rapidly lose patience with material that is poorly written, inexpertly targeted or just plain boring.


While we pay considered attention to searchability factors such as SEO terms and the proper formatting for search engines, we believe in writing for humans and not for machines. 


We don’t churn out vapid text to beat Google’s algorithms – we focus on helping our clients stand out with informative content that is a pleasure to read

Content consulting


As professionals in the field, we make our services available to clients who are seeking advice on content strategy for their business, product, or personal project.


We can advise on social media and blogging campaigns, market positioning, branding voice and areas of improvement regarding existing content.

News and feature writing


Our qualified writing team principals have extensive experience in writing news for a variety of media: from traditional news formats to digital feeds; from print magazine features to corporate newsletter features. We guarantee professional-grade English news and information for news sites, company newsletters or communications, features or books.

Book-length content


We produce books for organisations as a substantial promotional resource intended for sale or as high-quality gifts. We are able to write histories of businesses and/or top-level executives as a “golden name card” – as well as for organisations seeking to fully detail their activities in a written publication. We have produced unique books for local tourism bureaus, as well as personal memoirs for clients who are successful, notable individuals who wish for their memories and achievements to be more broadly recognised or preserved as a written legacy.

Marketing strategy development


Some of the most critical business decisions companies need to make are all about which audiences to target and what channels to use to get in front of prospective customers.


We assist in that decision-making process by determining the marketing communication strategies that will be most effective for a firm. We work to determine the parameters of a powerful marketing campaign, conducting proper research, identifying clear-cut goals and judging what the best initiatives will be for getting the word out.


We analyse what marketing decisions a company should make, identifying which communication tools to use, when to deploy targeted messages and what kind of content will best reach the market—and we then provide that content, strategically written to capture the right audience.

Business Communications and Internal Documentation


Clear and correct language is important throughout corporate communications, from internal messaging to laying out contractual arrangements between important clients. With English language being the preferred medium of international exchange, a business needs to ensure its side is professionally and capably represented in every instance. Our agency can take responsibility to ensure all communications issued by a firm are impressively phrased and technically accurate.



Our familiarity with the Asian market and local practices allows us to take content prepared by foreign writers and re-present it in standard form for English-speaking markets. We have successfully taken volumes of information written by non-native English speakers and rewritten this content for an international readership to ensure a fresh and smooth final result


We have team members who can translate written content into several Asian languages, and we can also quickly turn around editing or checking of translated content ranging from brochures or menus through to press releases, feature stories or even books. Ever seen a brochure or an advertising billboard with an obvious misspelling? We can help your company avoid that embarrassment.

Currently, our team specialises in translations between English and the following languages:

Chinese | Vietnamese 

More languages will come as we extend our network of trusted professionals. Feel free to ask us if you have another need.

Full design and content solutions

All good design starts with a script. Through a strategic partnership with Sagoma Asia and our own extended team, Metro Creative can deliver full solutions for digital or print publications and campaigns, including graphic design, website creation, photography, social media marketing, EDMs, branding and digital video solutions. Our Integrated Marketing Communications solutions help brands gain a competitive advantage over rivals. 


Our photography strategic partner, Ngoc Tran, is an accomplished professional who has worked with the Metro Creative team for more than six years. Photography is her calling and her profession. She does not photograph subjects, she photographs the way they make her feel. Ngoc has an extensive portfolio of photography assignments, spanning portraiture, lifestyle, architecture, fashion, travel, events and food.